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rodriel loguez bodelafuente (Torvix_05) , ,

Torvix is a group of videos downloaded from YouTube. In these videos you can ear either a voice that sounds like as if it’s giving a speach or singing a song. Torvix (text-order-viedo) is a simple software program which reorganizes the edited version of a video, in 26 parts, according to the text which appears […]

TE LA (Text Local Alignement) ,

The project TE LA (Text Local Alignment) used two video texts to analyze and decompose them as if they were the smallest components of the DNA. They dehybridized two text strings as geneticists do with the genetic code, looking for errors and, similarly comparing DNA sequences extracting functional relationships between genes. Under this premise they […]

Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZoS5jQnAHY “Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal. Reconstrucción de una experiencia educativa” The role of the educational stage is strongly influenced by school’s educational program. Joan Salvat-Papasseit was one of the authors appearing at different levels of education. Papasseit is considered to be, from different perspectives and from their inclusion in the seventies in the field of education, a […]

Munchoax (video) ,

The project Munchoax to focus on the multiplicity of ways is presented the fake. 1. Poem Instantes by Jorge Luis Borges. 2. Milli Vanilli group of pop music. 3. The TV documentary Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?. These three events are characterized by the use of multiple mechanisms of fakes. The boundaries […]