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The Fine Line H-K-H-F , ,

The project The Fine Line H-K-H-F connects four locations, namely HICA (Inverness, Scotland, UK), Grey Area (Korčula, Croatia), Hangar (Barcelona, Spain) and Funchal (Madeira island, Portugal),monitoring weather at each location in real time. The internet document shows a map of Europe with four locations, from each location a line it starts to be drawn on […]

Fine line Hica-Hangar ,

project: http://www.eloipuig.com/hicahangar The project is based on creating the creation of a link between the geographical distance between HICA (Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK) and Hangar (Barcelona). The union is created from two lines, one of which was from Hica to Hangar and another from Hangar to Hica. The distance between the two art centers will be […]

Alear v_net ,

Alear v_net está formado por un texto fragmentado y unas ilustraciones que interpretan este mismo texto. Cada texto introduce a cada una de las nueve partes que conforman el reactivo Alear v_cd y 12 páginas ilustradas. Se pueden identificar pasajes, frases o simplemente expresiones de otros autores como I. Calvino, J. Cortazar, G. G. Marquez, […]

ONhorari ,

Veure ONhorari projecte on-line   ONhorari tries to convey the transversality of the time, putting evident over time through stereotypic signs of our work activities, moment to moment, each activity is relationed to a particular time of day, considered an universal time with their own time job. In Onhorari each of the numbers, for the […]

Trucción ,

Go to Trucción project on-line Trucción es una página web dividida en seis secuencias que nos adentran al mundo de la devoración, este trabajo profundiza el aspecto caduco de los objetos tecnológicos que siempre se nos presentan como estables y eternos. Trucción presenta varias maneras de destrucción y autodestrucción de objetos cotidianos y tecnológicos. Por […]