Funsaic , ,

Project made using the software Roloc. Transformation chromatic stripes, , created together with Pau Artigas(taller Estampa).
Roloc is an experimental software program, it works in the chromatical code of the images. Roloc analise an image from some colors selected by the user, it converse into different size stripes depending its chromatical proportion. The image is reordered in vertical stripes with plain colors.



Funsaic is the result of a contraction of two words, both words have a relationship to the two centrals ideas of the same project. Funsaic is a contraction between Funchal and Mosaic.

This project has two parts, the first part is a selection of 135 photographs of pavement of the streets of the capital of Madeira, Funchal. The second part is the result of a coding of this pictures throught a self-made software program, created by Pau Artigas and I. This program, called roloc, has been developed to extrapolate particular colours from the image. In Funsaic the four colors have been selected by Vitor Magalhaes, artist and teacher in Funchal. I asked him what colors he could relate to the island of Madeira. After this, this colors put the image in order by using with verticals stripes.
The final image is a picture of the pavement of Funchal and his code byRoloc from the four colors wich Vitor had previously selected.

Roloc work on the chromatic code of images. Roloc analysis an image from some colors selected by the user, it reconvert into different sizes stripes according its chromatical proportion. The image is reorganized into vertical strips with flat colors.

Images: pavement of Funchal.  March, April and May, 2014.
Colors: R:29 G:138 B:14 / R:77 G:187 B:85 / R:228 G:117 B:7 / R:17 G:17 B:246 selected by Vitor Magalhaes.