Speresaic , ,

Project made using the software Roloc. Transformation chromatic stripes, , created together with Pau Artigas(taller Estampa).
Roloc is an experimental software program, it works in the chromatical code of the images. Roloc analise an image from some colors selected by the user, it converse into different size stripes depending its chromatical proportion. The image is reordered in vertical stripes with plain colors.



Speresaic: association by color, ordered by color bands, and a selection of a very specific area of Barcelona made by a citizen of Zagreb.

This book forms part of the exhibition The New Materialisms (Station 3) at the grey- area Gallery in Korcula and attempt to establish a dialogue between two spaces, the Croatian and Barcelona, where I live.

Speresaic demonstrates the relationship between a selection of photographs of Plaza Sant Pere in Barcelona and encodes them through Roloc from the color selection made by Lili Bomeštar. Lili visited Barcelona during the month of May 2014. I present, in this book, as a chromatic translation of a space connected to the memory of someone visiting this space for the first time.

Images: Plaça Sant Pere, Barcelona. July, 2016.
Colors: R:0 G:119 B:139 / R:0 G:142 B:170 /  R: 201 G:151 B:0 / R:182 G:12 B:47 / R: 140 G:133 B:123  selected by Lili Bomeštar.