Renga-Ronda , ,

This book is the result of the alignment of the poems of both writers, Alec Finlay and Martí Sales. the part of the exhibition at the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art and it attempts to establish a dialogue between two spaces, the Scottish Highland where the HICA is and Hangar (research and production center for the visual arts) in Barcelona.
I have started from the poem by the Scottish Alec Finlay titled Renga word-map, HICA, which follows the structure of a Renga (literary construction based on a chain) and, secondly, the poem of the Catalan poet Martí Sales , Rondalla de l’assimilació de l’hàbitat, which presents a particular walk through Barcelona.
These texts are presented in line from the bioinformatics method of alignment of sequences wich consists of comparing two or more strings of DNA to highlight their areas of similarity, difference or loss in order to detect significant mutations. The result is intended as a new literary construction that identifies spelling approximations and similarities between the poems.
Both compositions have been offered by the authors through Geoff Lucas (Head of HICA), and Pedro Oliver (Head of Cataclístics).