thoapp masdeve sualo rezper (Torvix_04 ) , ,

Torvix is a group of videos downloaded from YouTube. In these videos you can ear either a voice that sounds like as if it’s giving a speach or singing a song. Torvix (text-order-viedo) is a simple software program which reorganizes the edited version of a video, in 26 parts, according to the text which appears in this video. Torvix organizes each video in alphabetic order. A cutted edition is a response scrambling in relation to the letters that appears in the audio of the video. In this way the original viedo is totaly and apparently scrambled

Torvix is software program made by Estampa


thoapp masdeve sualo rezper

a lot of KIDS these days like to play games,
but now they want to make them, and it’s difficult,
because not many KIDS know where to go to find out how to make a program…