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Fragoral ,

Human is the only speaking animal. The use of symbols beyond the pure instinctive mechanisms involves a deception, because it is based on the use of traits through a widely accepted convention. Talking is therefore always left open the possibility of deceiving. The symbol, as a convention, slashing the edge of deceit: the speech is […]

Earme ,

“Danger: the random numbers accepted blindly may lead to mistakes. Like IBM did in the 60s with its generator RANDU. In general it generated whole numbers between 0 and m (module). The most widespread method is the consistency.” Excerpt taken from a document of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Complutense University. Betacam. 5, […]

Fase Clau ,

“Fase Clau” wants to respond my reading of the book “The physical immortality” by physics professor Frank J. Tipler, where he described his theory of Omega Point. Tipler claimed to be able to prove the existence of life after death, because of an artificial intelligence he calls “omega point”, which identifies with God. The scientist […]

Transic#1 / Transic#2 ,

Transic is a collection of short sequences which are part of a larger project called Sinerte. In Transic be recreated possible links between facts explosives and implosives through elements that symbolize the error. The error is a key element and is represented as a way that generates, creates and gives birth to new forms, the […]

Oribigen , ,

As the title indicates, there is here some kind of search for the origins, for the point at wich all the earlier concepts meet. So for all the apparent technical complexity with which it seems to have been made, this work is surprising in its aethetic independence, in not contenting itself with a mere reworking […]