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Concrete Art in Hica ,

          This project is a translation number of subject of a conversations via e-mail. My intention is to show my first contact with the proposal of HICA. The subject was: “Concrete Art in Hica”. The translation is based on the numerical equivalence between the numerical order i in alphabetical order. Size: 20x20cm. […]

Metonymic dream , ,

1. Leverage / 2. Doldrums / 3. You’re in shape? / 4. I have bad days / 5. This fall a fat / 6. Falling into account / 7. It comes to hair / 8. Do not give the supply. after a while / 9. On the merits / 10. I am black / 11. […]

Patterns ,

In Patterns project, the image do not search for an iconic unicity and it’s corrupted by the interference of texts. This texts have differents typologies of relation with the visual information to achieve the paradoxe and the absrud. The conexion beetwen two images from antagonists natures, vectorials and bitmap images improve the idea of confrontation […]

Alear v_shots , ,

“Alear v_shots” is a book that was developed during 2004 and 2005, has since been adapted for different presentations such as “Alear v_fr” format collection of nine small books with a corresponding mini-cd. Each booklet coincides with one of the nine parties that form the reactive “alear v_cd” and works as an introduction to the […]

Perpetuum error , ,

Folowing the metalinguistic way, “Perpetuum error” represent an performance of etern error trough the corrupt computer data. This error is the one that generates the code wich continuesly is printed on a paper, this paper is looped in the printer. The error will be process until we switch off the computer, the error codes wll […]

ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ ,

ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ is the product of the encoding and decoding of digital files. During these processes often arise errors. The role of “test”, to test a code or a software or the instability of the computer, often leads us to unexpected results, uncontrolled, strange and own the testing process, but nonetheless suggestive. In ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ the error […]

Sinerte ,

“Sinerte” is inspired by serie “Convertidos”, but it tries to go even further than homogenization that can be found througth use the uncopyrighted images, which are provided on-line, in standard formats. Using vectorial images, more commonly known as “clip-art”, which correspond in search of inert states, towards the process of objectivity. Error has resulted in replacing clarity and […]

Convertidos ,

The telematic language, the technology and its action in the body articulated reflection of “Convertidos” around the production of text and look. Big size of digital images, faces unfolded, symmetrical and expressioneles and Random systems of signs that shape or crossing in a linear order and impeccable, or mixed, fragmented and overlapping confused until collapse. […]

Oribigen , ,

As the title indicates, there is here some kind of search for the origins, for the point at wich all the earlier concepts meet. So for all the apparent technical complexity with which it seems to have been made, this work is surprising in its aethetic independence, in not contenting itself with a mere reworking […]