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Roloc , ,

ROLOC. Transformation chromatic stripes Roloc is an experimental software program, it work in the chromatical code of the images. Roloc analise an image from some colors selected by the user, it converse into different size stripes depending its chromatical proportion. The image is reordered in vertical stripes with plain colors. Next, you can see two […]

Alignments Collection ,

  Alignment Collection is presented as a note book, till now we have produced 4 issues. Each publication is the result of an alignment of two books which were selected by a scientist and a humanities expert. It is a method making pairs which show their individualities and interests. This project aims to evaluate the […]

Wagensber’s Alphabets ,

  This project is a translation based on the numerical equivalence between numerical order and alphabetical order according to some aphorisms by Jorge Wagensber of his book “Si la naturaleza es la respuesta ¿cuál era la pregunta?” Aforisms: w1 clasificar es comprimir w2 comprimir es comprender w3 crear es seleccionar w4 mirar es fijar la […]

Renga-Ronda , ,

This book is the result of the alignment of the poems of both writers, Alec Finlay and Martí Sales. the part of the exhibition at the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art and it attempts to establish a dialogue between two spaces, the Scottish Highland where the HICA is and Hangar (research and production center for […]

Carpentier seeds ,

  “El viaje a la semilla” (The Journey to the seed) is a story of Alejo Carpentier. The narrative of this writer raises a number of issues of great interest for its temporary settings. The story is characterized by its inverted temporality. In the story of the life of Don Marcial is narrated, with the […]

Geburte ,

Our purpose was to define the work methods of a research team in order to make an approach to the tools they use. Geburte creates a text using a “sequence alignment” applied at transcriptions of BSC’s Computational Genomic interviews. The goal of this process is to rescue the meaning of the referred interviews using the […]

Sara sings ,

    “Sara sings” is the result of the alignment (method of computational genomics) by the Swat5 software program using the song “Ten Little Injuns” and the interpretation of it by Sara, a two year old girl. The ability to form plurals, some verb conjugations, etc., leads the child to make mistakes. This is the […]

Concrete Art in Hica ,

          This project is a translation number of subject of a conversations via e-mail. My intention is to show my first contact with the proposal of HICA. The subject was: “Concrete Art in Hica”. The translation is based on the numerical equivalence between the numerical order i in alphabetical order. Size: 20x20cm. […]

Metonymic dream , ,

1. Leverage / 2. Doldrums / 3. You’re in shape? / 4. I have bad days / 5. This fall a fat / 6. Falling into account / 7. It comes to hair / 8. Do not give the supply. after a while / 9. On the merits / 10. I am black / 11. […]