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Comparative hemispheres ,

Comparative hemispheres is a project based on the comparison of internet images of the two hemispheres, the southern hemisphere and the north. These images have been interpreted as genetic codes, following the sequence alignment procedure, common in bio-computing. Marc Padró is with whom I have collaborated to develop this software we have called Simagment. For […]

Tilottama-Kotekan Alignment ,

Tilottama-Kotekan Alignment is based on the comparison of two given images. On the one hand the image of the nymph Tilottama protagonist of the Hindu legend of the asuras Sunda and Upasunda, and responsible for causing the mutual destruction of these by the love towards her. Even the gods Shiva and Indra are described as […]

From Abacus to Zimbaue ,

During the multiple activities of the collective 13L, the idea is to activate the different publications that we have been continuously elaborating and publicly presenting. This volume, entitled ” 2018″, is the compilation in the format of 21 texts to be read, the experimentation in sound art is called “phonetic poems” or “polypoetry”. These texts are […]