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Fine line Hica-Hangar ,

project: http://www.eloipuig.com/hicahangar The project is based on creating the creation of a link between the geographical distance between HICA (Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK) and Hangar (Barcelona). The union is created from two lines, one of which was from Hica to Hangar and another from Hangar to Hica. The distance between the two art centers will be […]

Geo-color , ,

  From three pictures of Hangar and three of HICA, the project represent diefferent scales. One is located on a google map, another is located on an exterior façade and the third inside an interior room. Six photographs coexist with each being chromaticly represented, they are codified according to their proportion of color, their closeness […]

13 walls in one ,

  13 walls in one is a project which forms a part of Envelopebook, a group exhibition at Ferran Cano Gallery in Barcelona. Each artist shows his work on one of 13 walls. On my wall, number 11, I’ve generated a dialogue between all other walls in the form of a book. My wall is […]

HICA presentation

      Presentación de 5 obras como resultado de las experiencias realizadas mediante la utlitzación del método del “Alinemamiento de Secuencias”. Método científico para elaborar nuevas narrativas dentro de la relación entre arte y ciencia, mostrando las dificultades para “traducir” las ideas entre ambas disciplinas. Highland Institute for Contemporary Art (Escocia) HICA, Dalcrombie, Loch […]

Renga-Ronda , ,

This book is the result of the alignment of the poems of both writers, Alec Finlay and Martí Sales. the part of the exhibition at the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art and it attempts to establish a dialogue between two spaces, the Scottish Highland where the HICA is and Hangar (research and production center for […]

Carpentier seeds ,

  “El viaje a la semilla” (The Journey to the seed) is a story of Alejo Carpentier. The narrative of this writer raises a number of issues of great interest for its temporary settings. The story is characterized by its inverted temporality. In the story of the life of Don Marcial is narrated, with the […]

TE LA (Text Local Alignement) ,

The project TE LA (Text Local Alignment) used two video texts to analyze and decompose them as if they were the smallest components of the DNA. They dehybridized two text strings as geneticists do with the genetic code, looking for errors and, similarly comparing DNA sequences extracting functional relationships between genes. Under this premise they […]

Geburte ,

Our purpose was to define the work methods of a research team in order to make an approach to the tools they use. Geburte creates a text using a “sequence alignment” applied at transcriptions of BSC’s Computational Genomic interviews. The goal of this process is to rescue the meaning of the referred interviews using the […]

Sara sings ,

    “Sara sings” is the result of the alignment (method of computational genomics) by the Swat5 software program using the song “Ten Little Injuns” and the interpretation of it by Sara, a two year old girl. The ability to form plurals, some verb conjugations, etc., leads the child to make mistakes. This is the […]