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Concrete Art in Hica ,

          This project is a translation number of subject of a conversations via e-mail. My intention is to show my first contact with the proposal of HICA. The subject was: “Concrete Art in Hica”. The translation is based on the numerical equivalence between the numerical order i in alphabetical order. Size: 20x20cm. […]

Anjopa Seitpa Vatsal (Live) ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgXfkwM-T8s The live presentation of the project Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal down and shelled the poems of Salvat-Papasseit. It is divided into three parts and are inspired by random literature and the remake with references as disparate as Oulipo (Bénabou, Perec, Queneau …) or heroes of the network, the “Back Dorm Boys”. The proposal mentions the need […]

Parasomnis ,

Parasomnis is the story that explains, in a fragmented way, the remains of dreams produced by medical sedation effects. An awakening of an induced coma is never sudden, many fragments of dreams are mixed into the new reality by sedation. The situation is a very embarrassing shock, obsessively trying to reconstruct the true reality. The […]

2011_Manovich–De la Monja/Jacoby/Pie Summary

Nowadays, the graphic presentation of events, lists, formulas, and statistics, has gone through considerable development, with its processes reach- ing a high degree of sophistication, bringing together disparate fields and disciplines. These new processes have taken shape with their own particular at- tributes, leading them to be considered as an art discipline in their own […]