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Metonymic dream , ,

1. Leverage / 2. Doldrums / 3. You’re in shape? / 4. I have bad days / 5. This fall a fat / 6. Falling into account / 7. It comes to hair / 8. Do not give the supply. after a while / 9. On the merits / 10. I am black / 11. […]

Lalalanadala ,

  On-line project: http://www.ub.edu/ba/lalalanadala/ Sound result of the interpretation of Jingle Bells from various databases and the symbolic construction of Christmas due to the myriad of consumer goods mostly from the machinery industry and China. From the 345 names of the recipients, a specific software generates a customized audio file for each of them. The consonants […]

Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZoS5jQnAHY “Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal. Reconstrucción de una experiencia educativa” The role of the educational stage is strongly influenced by school’s educational program. Joan Salvat-Papasseit was one of the authors appearing at different levels of education. Papasseit is considered to be, from different perspectives and from their inclusion in the seventies in the field of education, a […]