Sara sings ,




“Sara sings” is the result of the alignment (method of computational genomics) by the Swat5 software program using the song “Ten Little Injuns” and the interpretation of it by Sara, a two year old girl.
The ability to form plurals, some verb conjugations, etc., leads the child to make mistakes. This is the phenomenon of regularization. This phenomenon implies that during language acquisition, children make mistakes because they are learning the rules of their native language and apply them with inflexibility, which could seem to be a drawback in the evolution of language acquisition and development in the acquisition of grammar.

This phase of regularization identified as an error that occurs during language acquisition in children between 2 and 5 years old and it will be used as a starting point for the development of the project. Field observation of this process extends from the time when a child begins to recognize words in songs and plays with the deletion of consonants.

A “Sequence Alignment” is a way of representing and comparing DNA sequences to highlight the similarity, the difference or the disappearance that can indicate an evolution in relationship between genes.