Pink Alignments ,

Pink Alignments compares two popular images known by the same name, Pink Panther. The popular cartoon drawing from the seventies and a very expensive diamond. The comparison is carried on by means of using an alignment software program called Simagment created by Marc Padró, and based on the Sequence Alignment method using the algorithm of Needleman-Wunsch.

Simagment looks to identify similiarities between the píxels of two images, maintain their order (from left to right) but leaving blank spaces wheny necessary, when the similarity between two píxels is very low. In order to do this, the algorithm gives a score to every possible alignment between the two píxel sequences (of pixels) and selects the one which has the highest score in commonalities.

The process used by computational genètic is based on the method of Sequence Alignment. A Sequence Alignment is a way of representing and comparing DNA sequences to highlight their areas of similarity, which could indicate funcional or evolutionary relationships between genes.



rhodonite (Pérou)

Galeria Canem. Castelló. January 2018
Pink Alignments Notebook