ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ ,

ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ is the product of the encoding and decoding of digital files. During these processes often arise errors. The role of “test”, to test a code or a software or the instability of the computer, often leads us to unexpected results, uncontrolled, strange and own the testing process, but nonetheless suggestive.
In ö±8skmãXÞhX¶¯ the error is a value in the process of work, this is a reflection metalingual, where the medium is one of the arguments for the project. Other argument is the unification of differents disciplines for the use of similar codes that allow, for example, the visual interpretation of sound bites.

Digital print  papel adhesivado sobre foam y laminado de protección de politileno.

Galeria Ferran Cano. Barcelona (Januray, 2001)