Munchoax (video) ,

The project Munchoax to focus on the multiplicity of ways is presented the fake.
1. Poem Instantes by Jorge Luis Borges.
2. Milli Vanilli group of pop music.
3. The TV documentary Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?.
These three events are characterized by the use of multiple mechanisms of fakes. The boundaries of reality are so fragile and so is the language, understood as a means of communication. The communication is doomed to deception, one does not exist without the other.
The human are the only animals can talk. Making use of symbols-beyond the pure instinctive mechanisms- involves a deception.It use definitions by a widely accepted convention. Talking is, therefore, always leaving open the possibility of deceiving, of fake . The symbol, while convention, slashing the edge of fake : the speech is the negation of something concrete. Deception not malicious, deception beyond the intention.