La Fauna de los espejos ,

The project consist in a space with mirrors on the interiors walls, on these surfaces the audience can to take part drawing graffittis, truht the lipstick on the floor. In the centre of this space we install four monitors, one computer and one digital print. A paper loop allow recover the printed paper, on this paper truht the print the coomputer send and error caused provoked

The alteration and the loss of the reality perception, of the original, in a labyrinthine play of appearance and speculations, is a consequence of the information and his mediated, because this information is corrupted, it has eliminate the reel facts creating a desinformation and confusion in our contemprary world. The facts are inmediatedly forgotten, like a fictions. The personal identity is one of the most important creation of the memory and thanks to it we know what and who we are, the information is threated for the confusion and it’s continuesly forced to created a world and one I that substitute the other one, the real one. The lost of memory is lossing the language, lossing the language is lossing the reality and lossing the reality is to get lost.

Created with Jordi Encinas