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From three pictures of Hangar and three of HICA, the project represent diefferent scales. One is located on a google map, another is located on an exterior façade and the third inside an interior room. Six photographs coexist with each being chromaticly represented, they are codified according to their proportion of color, their closeness to, blue, light green, dark green, grey and red. The more blue the photo posesses, the wider the swath of blue is and so on with the other colors. The aim is to obtain an image with equal color percentages yet the amount is represented according to a color rearrangement in which all the colors are tied together. If you look more closely at the photos it will be clear that they are also modified with a reduced resolution, wihich in turn produces pixelation. This is obtained by the color coding which posesses maximum pixelation by rear upright clumping.5