Fase Clau ,

“Fase Clau” wants to respond my reading of the book “The physical immortality” by physics professor Frank J. Tipler, where he described his theory of Omega Point.
Tipler claimed to be able to prove the existence of life after death, because of an artificial intelligence he calls “omega point”, which identifies with God. The scientist argues that the natural evolution of intelligent species will result in the exponential growth of scientific progress, allowing total control over the world, even at the highest level. It raises the possibility that intelligent machines become the entire universe in a huge processor of information.

Tipler’s position is a wonderfully creative and powerfully imagination, he mix differents disciplines like philosophy, science and religion.
“Fase Clau” is a reinterpretation of scientific thinking about the point of origin and final meeting between creation and destruction, always limited in the scope of the theory of Omega Point. Fase Clau tries to recreate a link between facts explosion (Big Bang) and implosion (Big Crunch) connected through a common element, a point that symbolizes, like element figure, a vacuum, a gap (The Omega Point), the neutrality from which we can think of the appearance, at the origin, or on the contrary, in the absence or breakdown.