Convertidos ,

The telematic language, the technology and its action in the body articulated reflection of “Convertidos” around the production of text and look. Big size of digital images, faces unfolded, symmetrical and expressioneles and Random systems of signs that shape or crossing in a linear order and impeccable, or mixed, fragmented and overlapping confused until collapse.
Can the body be infected with the language? Can the language be that subtle and brutal orthopedics that shapes distorted–transforms corporeity? Penetrated by jslang telematics, inscribed on the network, infected by the text, the eye can not see but the emptiness of the calculation in which transparent and engrave.
Behind the eye there is nothing: neither being, nor any other, nor place, nor body. At best chance, mistake, absurd, the inertia of the sign him sign, in a flow-insatiable voracity camera that records and swallowing up the image.

Fragments of article of Piedad Solans. El Lápiz 169/170. 2001.

Galería Metropolitana. (january-march)
Galería Ferran Cano (january-february 2001)
ARCO 2001. Madrid