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rodriel loguez bodelafuente (Torvix_05) , ,

Torvix is a group of videos downloaded from YouTube. In these videos you can ear either a voice that sounds like as if it’s giving a speach or singing a song. Torvix (text-order-viedo) is a simple software program which reorganizes the edited version of a video, in 26 parts, according to the text which appears […]

Black_yelow_white ,

Reading Black_yelow_white The structure of this text consists of 8 parts, each of them intended to simulate the printing action of the piece Tilottama-Kotekan Alignment. Based on the repetition of the different chromatic elements that the image contains, the words that give it the title, Black_yelow_white, are mixed, in turn with the word Tilottama. Reading […]

Borrowed and used reading ,

Lectura a tres veus. Veu modulada per vocoder. This work is presented live through a reading using the phonetic spelling. The first part of the reading is based on the reinterpretation of the text of E. Agustí’s book Used words. In which a seemingly disconnected list of words begins to make sense. The words enclose […]

The white wall ,

“The white mural brings the viewer serenity, who in turn doubles whiteness with the serenity of their gaze”. Jorge Guillén. “The plot of the work”. 1969 This project is presented live through by phonetic spelling. It is focused to reveal a hidden message within the code. We uncover a sentence from J.Guillén in his book […]

Roloc , ,

ROLOC. Transformation chromatic stripes Roloc is an experimental software program, it work in the chromatical code of the images. Roloc analise an image from some colors selected by the user, it converse into different size stripes depending its chromatical proportion. The image is reordered in vertical stripes with plain colors. Next, you can see two […]