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Munchoax (video) ,

The project Munchoax to focus on the multiplicity of ways is presented the fake. 1. Poem Instantes by Jorge Luis Borges. 2. Milli Vanilli group of pop music. 3. The TV documentary Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?. These three events are characterized by the use of multiple mechanisms of fakes. The boundaries […]

Fragoral ,

Human is the only speaking animal. The use of symbols beyond the pure instinctive mechanisms involves a deception, because it is based on the use of traits through a widely accepted convention. Talking is therefore always left open the possibility of deceiving. The symbol, as a convention, slashing the edge of deceit: the speech is […]

Testaconfeso ,

The bound lines of credibility through the media can be found in a tragic point of debility, the progressive dominium and monopolization of the big media agencies have weaken its owns meanings, the transmission of information. Journalism with its traditional structures drains, and becomes sterile. Testaconfeso belongs to a critic line directed to the official […]

Patterns ,

In Patterns project, the image do not search for an iconic unicity and it’s corrupted by the interference of texts. This texts have differents typologies of relation with the visual information to achieve the paradoxe and the absrud. The conexion beetwen two images from antagonists natures, vectorials and bitmap images improve the idea of confrontation […]

Alear v_shots , ,

“Alear v_shots” is a book that was developed during 2004 and 2005, has since been adapted for different presentations such as “Alear v_fr” format collection of nine small books with a corresponding mini-cd. Each booklet coincides with one of the nine parties that form the reactive “alear v_cd” and works as an introduction to the […]

Alear v_modular ,

This is a project inspirated in random digitaly manipulated, the computational calculations made by the computer. I’m interpreting severals comunication concepts represented through random facts who will determinate a unic view for. “Alear v_modular” is a part of my PhD.  

Earme ,

“Danger: the random numbers accepted blindly may lead to mistakes. Like IBM did in the 60s with its generator RANDU. In general it generated whole numbers between 0 and m (module). The most widespread method is the consistency.” Excerpt taken from a document of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Complutense University. Betacam. 5, […]

Perpetuum error , ,

Folowing the metalinguistic way, “Perpetuum error” represent an performance of etern error trough the corrupt computer data. This error is the one that generates the code wich continuesly is printed on a paper, this paper is looped in the printer. The error will be process until we switch off the computer, the error codes wll […]