Carpentier seeds ,


“El viaje a la semilla” (The Journey to the seed) is a story of Alejo Carpentier. The narrative of this writer raises a number of issues of great interest for its temporary settings. The story is characterized by its inverted temporality.
In the story of the life of Don Marcial is narrated, with the particularity that the narrative part of the day of his death and moving towards the time of his birth. The narrator, using his distancing from the facts, he can appreciate them and present them in his personal order. Don Marcial relives his life going backwards after his death and the narrator respects the order of the events in the story.
Immersed in looking back upon the line of the sequence of events, the project proposes a selection of several fragments of different chapters in the story and proceeds towards alignment with the genomic method, comparing a version in the original language (Spanish) and an English version.

A Sequence Alignment is a way of representing and comparing DNA sequences to highlight the similarity, the difference or the disappearance that can indicate an evolution in relationship between genes.