Alignments Collection ,

Colección Alineamientos


Alignment Collection is presented as a note book, till now we have produced 4 issues. Each publication is the result of an alignment of two books which were selected by a scientist and a humanities expert. It is a method making pairs which show their individualities and interests.
This project aims to evaluate the relationship between forms of knowledge and the specific languages of the two cultures, science and humanities, using the method of Sequence Alignment (specific to bioinformatics). Visualizing, in the form of a Peer Review, and reflecting John Brockman’s concept of Third Culture.
A Sequence Alignment is a way of representing and comparing DNA sequences to highlight the similarity, the difference or the disappearance that can indicate an evolution in relationship between genes.

nº1 QN– Ilya Prigogine + John Cage // selected by Aleix Molet and Eloi Puig
nº2 HM– Mad Ridely + William Gibson // selected by David Torrents and David Casacuberta
nº3 LE– Ramón Margalef + Claudio Magris // selected by Santiago González and Vitor Magalhaes
nº4 IJ– Chris Crawford + Jorge Luis Borges // selected by Arturo Galbete and Ignasi Pàmies

Digital print. DinaA3

Art libris 2014. Centre d’Art Santa Mónica.