Alear v_shots , ,

“Alear v_shots” is a book that was developed during 2004 and 2005, has since been adapted for different presentations such as “Alear v_fr” format collection of nine small books with a corresponding mini-cd. Each booklet coincides with one of the nine parties that form the reactive “alear v_cd” and works as an introduction to the 12 illustrated pages.
It consists of two inseparable parts, first text appears fragmented and on the other pictures that interpret the same text. The text can be identified phrases, expressions, or simply feelings of other authors of our contemporary culture. Used and transformed fragments of works by authors such as Italo Calvino, Julio Cortazar, G. Garcia Marquez, John Cage, Joan Fontcuberta, Bioy Casares, Frank J. Tipler, Samuel Becket, Joan Perucho, Lou Reed and J. L. Borges. Anyone seeking a logical connection between these authors did not find an obvious way. Random momentum to the books available in my library was the system that determined the unregulated construction of the entire text. My interest was focused on how using and manipulating other fragments could create my own history and toward my own interests.