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As the title indicates, there is here some kind of search for the origins, for the point at wich all the earlier concepts meet. So for all the apparent technical complexity with which it seems to have been made, this work is surprising in its aethetic independence, in not contenting itself with a mere reworking of the kinetic or a parody of the psychedelic, or with being resorting to the “techy” approach of the Freudian slant. A search for the origins of the image from an exclusively formal point of view; that is to say, stripped of all visual prejudice; an attempt to get inside the mysteries of form without abandoning pure opticism; an approximation to movement and rhythm not so much as visual musicality but as regenerating energy.
This work by Eloi Puig is a hypnotic as it is reflective, manifestly underpinned as it is -and this is the key to its effectiveness- by a search for a different methodological approach, a reconsideration of the way in which we perceive and assimilate our own perceptions.

Fragment ValentÌn Roma’s text publicate in catalogue of “Exhibit Electronic Arts 2000”

Galería Ferran Cano (february-march 1999)
Espai Côclea (june-july 1999)
Centre d’Art Santa Mónica. Mostra D’arts Electóniques. (octuber-november 1999)
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo. Santiago de Compostela. Lost In Sound (december 1999-march 2000)