Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal ,

“Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal. Reconstrucción de una experiencia educativa”

The role of the educational stage is strongly influenced by school’s educational program. Joan Salvat-Papasseit was one of the authors appearing at different levels of education. Papasseit is considered to be, from different perspectives and from their inclusion in the seventies in the field of education, a prominent poet.
That is why the path of research in developing this project focused initially on teaching in schools. Through the pedagogical coordination at “Escola Pia Balmes” the possibility arises of creating certain activities targeted at different groups of students. Carried out over the course of nine weeks in total, they were scheduled to introduce different ways to read, recite, play, view, mute… poetry. The challenge is introducing students to the experience and experimenting with reading Papasseit, through methods of repetition, fragmentation, inversion… reading some texts and recording them on video. A blog is being use as a guide, reviewing and archiving all that was proposed.
When the classes were finished and the different activities were recorded, we reread the video material through a software that reinterprets and reorders the frames following a set of rules that show experimentation and fragmentation of the original material. The result is presented in two formats, either recorded or shown live, both are displaying some poems by recoding which is based on the following formula: Letter = Second video, 36 alphabet letters = 36 seconds of video. Each video recording is set to 36 seconds, in which each letter of the alphabet corresponds to one second of this recording. The resulting video is a construct of reading the poem chosen letter by letter, second to second.
With the aim of building an audio-visual grammar, apart from the letters of the read poems, the separations between words have also been translated, as well as line breaks, capitalization, accents, punctuation, etc., thus completing the internal complexity of the texts, writing. The experience in school has been transferred to the computing-audiovisuals, reaching a new grammar of fragmentation.
This project is an initiative of curators Maia Creus and Pilar Bonet within the exhibition “Salvat-Papasseit, Poetavanguardistacatalà”. This exhibition was shown to the public from December 23, 2010 to March 27, 2011 at Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona, ​ co-produced by “Institució de les lletres Catalanes” and by Arts Santa Monica. “Anjopa Seitpa-Vatsal” intended as tribute to the poet Joan Salvat-Papasseit, to his memory and to his permanent creative input.